{Custom Design}

 I will be happy to transform your furniture pieces. Not only will I paint your piece to make it look brand new, but I can use a variety of techniques to get the look you want!

For pricing simply send me a picture of the piece you’d like transformed!

I will send you a bid for the cost of the transformation.

How much would you pay to replace a hutch or buffet? Approximately  $1,000-$1,500!

You’ll pay me approx $300-$400 to transform the piece you already have or is sentimental to you.

Bid includes:

Labor, cost of paint and sealant (wax or poly), techniques such as distressing or glazing if desired.

I use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and General Finishes Milk Paint.

Delivery is an extra charge, depending on distance.

{Private Instruction}

 I will be happy to come to your home and teach you how to paint your own pieces. This one or two time session will be an investment you’ll make so you can continue to transform as many pieces as your heart desires!

Think of your lessons as a consultation.

Pricing is based per hour @ $75.00 per hour.

Most projects will require 2 – hour long sessions (one to begin the project and one to finish). A third hour would provide a lesson for distressing, glazing or waxing.

How much would you pay for a brand new piece of furniture? Possibly up to $1,000 for a hutch or buffet.

You can pay for private lessons, up to  $225 and gain a skill to transform any pieces you desire.

{Contact Me}

Phone: 612-270-8687

Email: sunday.asundayafernoon@gmail.com



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